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Beach Field Days

Beach Field Days are held on the third full weekend of every month. The location for each following month is determined at the end of the weekend, after all anglers have returned and had their fish weighed in. 

Beach Field days generally start with a briefing at the slipway, next to the Denmark River Bridge at 1:30pm on the Saturday. The event generally concludes with a weigh-in of fish at Ocean View, the clubs rooms at Ocean Beach, at 12:00pm the following day. This may change if the event is an "away weekend", when the location of the briefing and weigh-in may be different.

For the remainder of this season (2023) the Beach Field Days are on the following weekends:


May 20/21

June 17/18

July 15/16

August 19/20

September 16/17

October 21/22

November 18/19

December 16/17



January (Rainbow Coast 100 Years) 20/21

February 17/18

March 16/17

April 20/21

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